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Parents’ protests force BBC u-turn on Cbeebies show





THE BBC has been forced to revert to the original format of a popular children's show after changes were met with angry protests from parents.

CBeebies bedtime show Waybuloo has returned to its original structure after hundreds of parents complained about the BBC's "epic fail" in introducing a narrator and cutting the programme's length.

On Sunday the broadcaster announced it would be introducing Come Dine With Me narrator Dave Lamb to provide a voice-over for the show and shortening it from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

After the first programme on Monday, irate parents flooded the CBeebies message boards complaining about the changes, prompting a swift u-turn from the corporation, which said the show would be returning to the original format straight away.

The Waybuloo show on Tuesday was in the old format.

One viewer, who called herself Emma, posted: "I have to say that the addition of the voice-over is totally unnecessary and has spoiled what was an enchanting programme.

"It completely jars with the programme - just sounds like a sarcastic running commentary, just like Come Dine With Me.

"All Dave Lamb succeeds in doing is repeating most of what the characters already say. What's going on BBC?! Why mess with what was already working perfectly? I won't be tuning in again - very irritating."

Another poster said: "The change to the format has ruined the program and taken it away from a gentle wind down pre-bed program and turned it into a bit of an annoying joke for people who also watch Come Dine With Me."

Another said: "Wow, epic fail by the Waybuloo producers. The show wasn't broken and didn't need fixing. The shorter episodes and loud pointless narrating are both changes for the worse."

Another parent said the change upset their child: "What have you done? My 18 Month old just sat there looking confused and unhappy. You had a very good enjoyable show and have completely ruined it by adding a narrator that isn't needed, and slicing the show time in half. What were you thinking???"

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: "We appreciate all the comments we've received on the new format for Waybuloo.

"We've listened to the feedback and have decided to revert to the original format for the show in the Bedtime Hour going forward."