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Pamela Flood on impending motherhood


' I was ready five or six years ago, but I wanted it to be right, with the right person'

' I was ready five or six years ago, but I wanted it to be right, with the right person'

' I was ready five or six years ago, but I wanted it to be right, with the right person'

SHE’S a former Miss Ireland and a current presenter of the National Lottery, but this year Pamela Flood is preparing for the biggest gig of her life, becoming a mum.

" I’m really ready for it; to be honest I’ve been ready for a while now, I just had to wait for the right person to come along." Though our interview is over the phone – Flood is on her way to do some filming in RTÉ – her voice positively radiates happiness.

“ I love being pregnant. I’m lucky because I haven’t really had any sickness. I’ve had problems with my back in the past, so I’m swimming a lot. And of course I’ve done away with the late nights and alcohol, which I’m really feeling the better for.”

Refreshingly, while Flood is well known for her stunning looks, strict exercise and beauty regimes do not seem to be top of her priority list at the moment.

“ I’ve gained about a stone and a half, which I’m told is quite normal, and I’m not worried about ‘ springing’ back into shape after the birth. I’ve never been that driven to be thin. I’m a foodie, I love my food and my wine, so I’m going to take my time and not be overly concerned with it. Let’s just say I won’t be killing myself by hiring a personal trainer or anything like that!”

One beauty treatment Flood has been using though is Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil.

“ It’s supposed to be good to prevent stretchmarks. A few different people recommended it to me.”

As for clothes, she says that so far ( she is due in March) things haven’t proved too diffi cult.

“ Because I like tops that billow out, a few of my normal clothes still fit me. Not many, but some. Of course, I’ve also bought some stuff, three pairs of skinny maternity jeans, which basically make up my ‘ uniform’ these days, and some pieces from PACO.”

These last items are not surprising given that Flood is now the face of fashion label PACO. This is on top of her work as a National Lottery presenter and her other eclectic TV work, which in the past has included Off the Rails, The Podge & Rodge Show and Marry Me.

“ Yeah, ever since I found out I was pregnant, things seem to have got a bit busier. But I’m not complaining. The nature of my work is that it comes to me rather than the other way round, so I’m glad that I’m getting it.”

Flood feels that once she has the baby, and, following a decent break, she will want to return to the working world.

“ That’s how I feel now anyway. I like working, and I think I will want to go back to it.”

At 39, Flood says she is considered an ‘older’ mum, but emphasises it wasn’t by choice.

“ I certainly wouldn’t have left it this late by choice, I was ready five or six years ago, but I wanted it to be right, with the right person. It wasn’t, as some people assume, that I was really career-oriented and didn’t have time for babies. It wasn’t like that at all!”

Flood says that these days she enjoys nothing better than being at home with her partner Ronan Ryan, just chilling out.

“Another lovely element is that my partner has a nine-year-old son and he’s really looking forward to having a little brother or sister to play with. It’s very cute.”

Flood certainly seems to have no qualms about losing any sense of independence once baby comes along.

“ I can’t wait. I’ve done the niteclub thing and the going-out thing, and I feel ready for this now. It’s a lovely thought, the idea that in a few months’ time I’ll have my own little bundle.”