Tuesday 20 March 2018

'Over sited' son's got me crying now

Anne Marie Scanlon

MY son is now a schoolboy, and leaves the house every morning wearing a shirt and tie.

This picture couldn't seem more wrong if he was carrying a briefcase, a takeaway coffee and a mobile phone. Wasn't it only a few months ago that he cut his first tooth/started to walk/learnt to give cheek? What on earth is he doing heading into the world at such a tender age?

Everyone warned me that his first day at "big school" would be highly emotional and I'd end up blubbing. The playground was crammed full of sobbing mothers, and quite a few tearful fathers, but instead of gently weeping I was thrilled that the extremely long summer -- during which I had to provide around-the-clock entertainment for a four-year-old, on top of working, keeping house and moaning about the state of my garden (but not actually doing anything about it because there are just not enough hours in the day), was finally over. The relief! At the three o'clock pick-up I did feel a little bit sad, but that was only because the hours had simply flown by.

The next day I was closer to tears than I have been for a long time. My darling son, my golden child, my sweet little boy, had been sent to see the Head for misbehaving.

What sort of child gets sent to the principal's office on their second day at school? Worse, what sort of parent does that child have? One who doesn't weep on the first day, obviously.

To be fair, he was the one who told me about the incident, (not his teacher), and he explained it by saying he was "over sited". I plan on crying a lot from now on, just to be on the safe side.

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