Thursday 14 November 2019

Out of portion control

A recent survey by probiotic experts Yakult reveals that we are not setting a good example to our children about portion control, with over half of us are eating for two on a regular basis, tucking into double or more what we should be of potatoes, rice, pasta, cheese, chips, pizza, biscuits and chocolate.

The survey was carried out to raise awareness of portion sizes and how overindulgence is not only affecting the nation's waistlines, but also having serious implications when it comes to our overall health.

As we try and teach children to eat their greens, Yakult's survey reveals we are not heeding our own advice, with just 17pc of us eating cooked vegetables every day and a mere 9pc of us eating salad or raw vegetables on a daily basis. S

imple changes to lifestyle can make all the difference to getting gut healthy and improving our overall well-being, like taking a quality probiotic drink daily, eating a healthy varied diet and doing even a small amount of exercise regularly. For practical advice on making changes for the better, tips and information on gut health, go to

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