Thursday 14 December 2017

Our young experts have their say on disney characters, with a few interesting favourites

We asked an 'expert panel' who their favourite Disney characters are, and why. This is what they had to say.

"Lightning McQueen, because all his friends are racing cars and he goes really fast." -- Sam Gaynor, three

"Robin Hood, because I don't like the bad guys and Robin Hood gives all the poor people money." -- Max Gaynor, five

"Ariel, because I've always wanted to be her because she can swim and breathe under water." -- Talulla McKenna, six

"Rapunzel, because I love her long hair. I'd like to have long hair." -- Alexandra McKenna, three

"I like Rapunzel too, although I like her because she hit the man with the pot!" -- Poppy Kirk-Gillham, Five

"Snow White, because of her shiny black hair, white skin and beautiful red lipstick." -- Abbey McNamara, Five

"Belle, because I was very sad when the beast died and Belle kissed him and all this magic dust came down on him and he got alive again and then he was a prince and she married him." -- Kiera Legg, five

"Rapunzel, because she has lovely long hair."

-- Jess Courtney, three

"Lightning McQueen, because he goes zoomy fast."

-- Jay Courtney, four

"Princess Jasmine. She's not brave but she is pretty and she has a monkey called Abu."

-- Lia Lignini, three

"Woody, because he's funny, he's smart, I like his hat and he's nice."

-- Lucas Lignini, six

"Peter Pan because he can fly and he fights Captain Hook."

-- Jack Doran, FIVE

"Buzz Lightyear, because I have him and he's from space."

-- Ryan Boyle, FIVE

"Cinderella, because I like her crown and she has a fairy godmother."

-- Molly Doran, FOUR

"I love Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh because when we saw him in Disneyland I was terrified of him. He kept coming over and wanting to shake my hand. But then I started to love him when I watched him on telly because he's funny. He's always moaning and everything he does takes a really big effort."

-- Conor Duffy, SEVEN

"Buzz Lightyear, because he has wings and can fly and glows in the dark."

-- sean hanley, four

"I love the seven dwarfs. My favourite is probably Grumpy because no matter what good things happen, he always has something to moan about." -- Enya duffy, NINE

"I love all the 101 dalmations, as I love dogs." -- Doireann connelly, FOUR

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