Wednesday 29 January 2020

Now mums-to-be using Pokemon Go to 'encourage labour'

Pregnant women are playing Pokemon Go to encourage labour.
Pregnant women are playing Pokemon Go to encourage labour.

Amy Mulvaney

Pokemon Go has taken over the gaming world in recent weeks, and now expectant mothers have found another use for the app.

The augmented reality app is being used by pregnant women to encourage labour, a new survey shows.

Walking has long been used to onset contractions by stimulating the release of oxytocin, and what better way to clock up the miles than trying to catch some Pokemon?

A survey by Channel Mum has found that 53% of pregnant women plan to use the app to kick-start labour, while one in 20 new mums say they used it to go into labour.

Two in three Poke-Mums said playing the game helps with pain relief by keeping them occupied and 53% said it helped them walk further.

The survey also showed that 57% of young mums are already Pokemon Go players.

The craze reached Ireland one month ago and sees players walking up to 10km a day to catch Pokemon.

The survey was carried out over 1,000 parents in the UK.

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