Thursday 22 February 2018

'My kids have picked up my characteristics'

Lorraine Keane with Emelia and Romy
Lorraine Keane with Emelia and Romy
Anna Daly with mum Ann

Glam mam Lorraine Keane reveals how her daughters Emelia (7) and Romy (4) have already started to show signs of turning into their TV presenter mother.

"I'm one of the lucky ones because, for the most part, I would be happy to turn out just like my mum Nuala.

"She was and still is a great friend to me -- I remember rushing home from school every day to give her all the latest gossip.

"When you become a mum, you really appreciate everything your own mum did for you. I only have two children, my mum had seven of us.

"Emelia and Romy have definitely picked up some of my characteristics already. Emelia wants to be a fashion designer and Romy loves shoes. Sometimes I joke 'I've created two monsters!'.

"As a mother, you always think you're not going to make the same mistakes as your parents. But the reality is there's no such thing as 'perfect parents' -- I'm just making my own mistakes. And if my girls and I end up having the same kind of relationship as I have with my own mum, I'll be very happy."

Ireland AM mum-to-be Anna Daly (33) admits she's morphing into her mum Ann -- but the blonde beauty says she doesn't mind.

"There's no doubt about it that we all turn into our mothers eventually. I'm slowly but surely morphing into my mum!

"Every so often, I'll catch myself saying or doing something just like her -- although I haven't quite developed her love of house-keeping or gardening just yet!

"Growing up, everybody said I was the image of my dad. In the last five or six years however, I've even started to look more like her.

"As an only daughter, mum and I have always been very close -- I could always go to her for advice.

"Sure, I went through a teenage phase of thinking I was too cool to hang around with my mum -- but today she's one of my best friends. We often go for lunch, to the cinema or on weekends away together.

"I'm five months along now and mum has been a huge help throughout my pregnancy. I can ring her with every little thing that I don't want to bore my husband with!

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