Thursday 22 February 2018

'My children were fascinated when I breastfed their sister'

Mum-of-three Helena Lane with daughter Nicola. Photo by Ronan Lang
Mum-of-three Helena Lane with daughter Nicola. Photo by Ronan Lang

Helena Lane, a housewife - or "stay-at-home slave" as she calls it - from Navan, Co Meath, has the experience of both breast and bottlefeeding her three children, Patrick (6), Alison (4) and Nicola (2).

"I tried breastfeeding Patrick but got nowhere fast and gave it up after just three weeks," she says.

"Then when I had Alison I suffered from postnatal depression and was too tired to even try breastfeeding which is a shame because, knowing what I know now, I think it would have helped.

"I breastfed Nicola exclusively for six months before weaning her on to solids and continued breastfeeding for a further three months. I loved it -- and I had no postnatal depression.

"Patrick and Alison were fascinated.

"They asked lots of questions like, 'How does the milk get there?' and, 'Does she bite?' Actually, they were questions you'd like to ask yourself!

"Bottlefeeding is just another job, like changing a nappy. Anybody can do it.

"Breastfeeding is a lovely, intimate experience and I had no embarrassment about it. If I met a friend for coffee, I'd feed Nicola, no problem."

And for those who do express a distaste for seeing women breastfeed in public, lactation consultant Sue Jameson has the last word: "Tough! If you're offended by it, you're way too close. Sit somewhere else!"

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