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Most popular baby names today vs 1965

John and Mary were the most popular names in Ireland 1964
John and Mary were the most popular names in Ireland 1964
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

New statistics released from the Central Statistics office show how adventurous Irish parents have become since 1965, a year when John and Mary were the most popular monikers.

The latest figures released from the CSO differ greatly from those published more than 50 years ago, with many traditional names toppling off the list.

Most popular baby names today vs 1964
Most popular baby names today vs 1964

In 1965, John was the most popular baby boys’ name of the year, with 3,360 children christened with the name, followed closely by Patrick, Michael and James.

In 2015, Jack, Daniel and Conor featured in the top five favourites, but James had stood the test of time and claimed a top spot in the latest list.

There were many baby Marys in 1965 and 3,229 children were bestowed the name that year. In 2015, Mary claims the 74th spot on the list.

Margaret, Catherine, Ann and Anne also featured in the top five most popular baby names in 1965 but none of these feature in 2015’s list of most popular names.

Emma, Ava, Sophie and Amelia were the most frequently chosen names for baby girls last year.

The figures revealed that the name George entered the top 100 list of most popular names for the first time last year, rising 13 places over the course of 12 months, perhaps inspired by the growing Prince across the water.

Annabelle, Mila and Rosie were also first time entrants in the list of the top 100 female names registered in Ireland in 2015.

The figures compiled by the CSO also displayed that Irish parents may be becoming more influenced by celebrity culture when it comes to naming their little one as babies named Mila, Zayn, Kim, Dakota and Romeo were registered in Ireland in 2015.

Some of the more unusual baby names registered last year included Paris, Nelly, Pixie, Barra, Gus and Otis.

Regionally, Adam proved to be the most popular name for baby boys in Galway City in 2015, while Charlie topped the list in Co. Kilkenny. More babies were named Ella in Co. Roscommon than any other moniker, while Molly proved the favourite in Co. Cavan.

Murphy retained its spot as Ireland’s most common surname and accounted for 1.1pc of births last year, followed closely by Kelly (1pc).

More than 21,264 unique surnames were also registered suggesting the continuing popularity of double-barrelled names such as O’Brien-Murphy, which was registered in 2015.

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