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Most popular baby names in Ireland today compared to 50 years ago

James and Emily are the most popular baby names in Ireland in 2016
James and Emily are the most popular baby names in Ireland in 2016
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

New statistics released from the Central Statistics office show how adventurous Irish parents have become since 1966, a year when John and Mary were the most popular monikers.

The latest figures released from the CSO differ greatly from those published more than 50 years ago, with many traditional names toppling off the list.

In 1966, John was the most popular baby boys’ name of the year, with 3,152 children christened with the name, followed closely by Patrick, Michael and James.

Most popular boys' names in 1966 vs 2016

It seems James has stood the test of time having taken the top spot in Ireland's list of most popular baby names in 2016. Jack, Daniel, Conor and Sean completed the list of the five most popular boys' names in 2016, released last week.

There were many baby Marys in 1966 and 2,857 children were bestowed the name that year. In 2016, Mary claims the 84th spot on the list, having dropped a further ten places in the popularity stakes since 2015.

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The recent figures revealed that Emily was the most popular girls' name in Ireland in 2016, with 490 children bestowed the name last year.

In 1966, Catherine, Margaret, Ann and Anne also featured in the top five most popular baby names but none of these feature in 2016’s list of most popular names.

Most popular girls' names in 1966 vs 2016

Instead, Grace, Ava, Lucy and Amelia complete 2016's top five most popular baby girls' names.

For boys, Muhammad, Louis, Lucas, Josh, Jason and Ollie have grown most in popularity amongst Irish parents, with Muhammad jumping 36 places since 2015.

Girls' names Willow, Harper, Matilda, Aria, Heidi, Ailbhe and Zoey also entered the top 100 list in 2016.

Some of the more unusual names that featured in 2016's figures include boys' names Anton, Brodie, Cruz, Harris and Feilim. Less popular girls’ names included Blake, Indigo, Lucia, Reidin, Romy and Peyton.

Murphy, Kelly, O’Brien, Ryan and Walsh were the five most popular surnames of newborns registered in 2016.

Most popular boys' names in 1966

1) John

2) Michael

3) Patrick

4) James

5) Paul

6) Thomas

7) David

8) William

9) Martin

10) Gerard


Most popular boys' names in 2016

1) James

2) Jack

3) Daniel

4) Conor

5) Sean

6) Noah

7) Adam

8) Oisin

9) Michael

10) Luke


Most popular girls names in 1966

1) Mary

2) Catherine

3) Margaret

4) Ann

5) Anne

6) Elizabeth

7) Deirdre

8) Bridget

9) Patricia

10) Geraldine


Most popular girls names in 2016

1) Emily

2) Grace

3) Ava

4) Lucy

5) Amelia

6) Sophie

7) Emma

8) Mia

9) Hannah

10) Lily

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