Friday 23 March 2018

Meals to help with work, rest and play

KIDS like variety in their school lunchboxes so ringing the changes is a good way to encourage them to eat, according to Karen Cowan, nutrition manager at Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin.

She suggests planning for the week ahead and provides suggestions for healthy lunch box menus.

•Monday: Wholemeal bap with sliced ham, one nectarine, one yogurt, one sugar-free juice, and a packet of popcorn.

•Tuesday: Pitta pocket with sliced chicken and lettuce, a little salad cream, two satsumas, two digestive biscuits, one cheese triangle , one sugar-free juice.

•Wednesday: Wholemeal bread with tuna and sweetcorn, a little mayonnaise, one apple, one slice of fruit brack, a small carton of milk.

•Thursday: Brown roll with sliced beef or pate and tomato, one yogurt, one banana, one packet of crisps, one bottle of water.

•Friday: Sandwiches (one brown and one white bread slice), cheese and pickle, one melon slice or small bunch of grapes, one mini chocolate bar and one sugar-free juice.

Carbohydrates can take up most of the lunch box space. Examples include bread, crackers, rolls, baps, pitta bread, rice and pasta.

Add one or more servings from the fruit and vegetables group. Include one portion from the milk, cheese and yogurt group such as a carton of milk; cheese slices, triangles, or strings; or yogurt.

Add one serving of meat or fish such as tinned tuna, sliced ham or beef, chicken, corned beef, eggs, cheese and peanut butter.

Allow a treat after lunch. Treats can be included as an extra when lunch has been eaten. These might include fruit cake, crisps, English muffins, Scotch pancakes, cereal bars, apple and fig rolls, digestive biscuits, currant buns and scones.

It is important that children stay well hydrated throughout the day, particularly if taking part in sports activities. Water, milk, sugar free squash or diluted fruit juices are the best options.

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