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Mad Men’s January Jones: Parents were more relaxed in the 1960s


January Jones as Betty Draper. Photo: AP

January Jones as Betty Draper. Photo: AP

January Jones as Betty Draper. Photo: AP

PARENTS were more relaxed in the 1960s and are too uptight about raising children these days, according to one of the stars of Mad Men.

January Jones, who as Betty Draper in the acclaimed television series slapped her on-screen daughter, said the show was right to remind viewers of how times have changed.

The actress now has a six-month old son of her own, Xander, but remained working while pregnant to film the fifth season of the show about a bygone age of advertising executives, which begins on Sky Atlantic this Tuesday.

She said that becoming a mother had made her realise how much parenting had changed since the 1960s, along with fashion, drinking and smoking habits.

“We’re so rigid and so worried about every little thing now,” Jones told The Sunday Times Culture magazine.

“I had no idea how many f---ing warning labels are on kids’ stuff.

“Everything’s warning that if you do this, your child is going to die.

“I just think people were a little bit more relaxed about it then. My parents certainly were.

“Everybody has kids, and you do the best you can, but if you hold on to something too tight, it will break.”

She pointed out that it wasn’t “uncommon” for parents to hit their children in years gone by, and although she insisted she was not condoning the practice, she added: “The show addresses things like that to remind people of their past and remind people how far we’ve come.”