Friday 6 December 2019

Lucy Kennedy: "As much as I love my job, my kids come first"

Lucy Kennedy with son Jack. Photo: Jenny McCarthy, VIP Magazine
Lucy Kennedy with son Jack. Photo: Jenny McCarthy, VIP Magazine
Lucy Kennedy with her children Jack and Holly
Martin King, Lorraine Keane, Derry Clarke and Lucy Kennedy on the Late Lunch Live.
Lucy Kennedy is in negotiations with TV3

TV presenter Lucy Kennedy says her current gig on TV3’s Late Lunch Live is the perfect fit for her and her little brood.

HAVING children has changed the course of TV personality Lucy Kennedy’s career, as she’s moved from freelance work with RTE to a more permanent position at TV3, but she says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The mother of two was working on a freelance basis with RTE when she gave birth to Jack and Holly. When first-born Jack was six months old she filmed Living with Lucy, which saw her work away from home for a few nights each week. She says it was a struggle.

Kennedy took just two months’ maternity leave after having her second child Holly – going into the 2fm studios with baby in tow, and breastfeeding during the ad breaks. However, after four months of work, she decided to take time off.

While Kennedy loved this time, she always planned to return to work.

“I did the stay-at-home thing for a year and a half, and loved it and valued it because I knew it wouldn’t last. I need to work – financially and mentally – and I love what I do.”

While on her delayed maternity leave Kennedy was offered a number of jobs, but nothing suited the family. Then she heard of the Late Lunch Live show with TV3 and auditioned.

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“For the last four years, I’d been looking for a job where I could put my family first. The job with TV3 was the perfect fit. Hours-wise, I work Monday to Friday from 10.15am to 4.30pm. I get to do the Montessori and creche run, and have job security. I am blessed with this gig. Afternoon television is the perfect job for working mothers,” she says.

Kennedy agrees that for some women the glass ceiling can be self-imposed.

“As much as I love and enjoy my job, my kids come first. Women are often afraid to say that out loud: ‘I am ambitious, love my job and am good at my job but my priority is my children’.”

For now, she says she has found the perfect work-life balance to suit both her needs and those of her family.


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