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Little bookworms

Getting into the practice of reading to your child at a young age will help them develop their language skills in addition to opening up the world of books to them. Here's a selection of books:

HARRY AND THE DINOSAURS FIRST SLEEPOVER By Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds, published by Puffi n Books Packed with vibrant illustrations, this latest book in the Harry and the Dinosaurs series is sure to capture your child's imagination, while also bringing up the topic of their fi rst sleepover without Mum or Dad. Available from www. eason. ie,  14.50 ( hardback).

HOP ON POP By Dr Seuss, published by HarperCollins First published in 1963, Hop on Pop is an ideal book for children who are fi rst beginning to read. It's packed with wild and colourful illustrations to entertain your child, coupled with simple rhymes and repetition to help introduce them to the basics of word construction. Available from Dubray Books,€ 6.70. See www. dubraybooks. ie.


By Rachel Bright, published by Puffi n Books Little Alfi e has a new baby sister called Ruby. Convinced she is an alien, he decides to whisk her back to the moon using his own handmade rocket, but then he realises he will miss her. A lovely story that would be especially apt for a child about to have a new brother or sister. See www. eason. ie, € 9.51.

EMMA THE PENGUIN By Sarah Webb, published by O'Brien Press Pandas series Suitable for kids aged fi ve and up, this story tells of how the cast is being chosen for the school play Noah's Ark. Emma really wants to play a dog but ends up being given the role of a penguin. A funny and entertaining read, complemented by expressive black and white drawings. Available from Dubray Books. See www. dubraybooks. ie, € 6.

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