Wednesday 21 February 2018

Kate Thornton on mothers day and what she would really like

Kate Thornton reveals how she'd like a hug and a good night's sleep for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is traditionally the time when loving children shower their hard-working mums with cards and flowers.

But celebrity mum Kate Thornton is just one of many mums who would prefer a hug instead of having a fortune spent on their Mother's Day trinkets and blooms.

In fact, a new survey has found that almost half of mums (48pc) would rather have a Mother's Day hug, and more than a third (34pc) would just like a simple thank you.

The truth is that more than two-thirds of mums would rather be appreciated every day than on one specific day, as more than a quarter (27pc) are thanked by their children less than once a month, and 14pc are hardly ever thanked.

Thornton, whose son Ben will be three in May, has teamed up with P&G for a campaign to say thank you to mums, and she says: "While it's always lovely to receive gifts, the most meaningful thank you a mother can get is the simple, everyday one, like a hug or a smile, which makes everything feel so worthwhile.

"To be honest, the greatest gift my son could give me would be unbroken sleep - he doesn't sleep through the night. But I'd love a hug too.

"His hugs are amazing, and I get them every day, so every day's like Mother's Day for me."

The 38-year-old says a rest would also be a nice gift during Mother's Day, plus the chance to lie in the bath and read a book.

"It would be nice for the day to come to you, and not for you to run around making the day happen," she says.

"Sometimes you need to be able to take your foot off the gas and put your feet up."

The survey found that after a hug and a thank you, next on the Mother's Day wish list was an offer of help with the housework, followed by just 3pc who'd like some flowers or a cup of tea, and 2pc who'd prefer a small gift.

But although she concedes it's hard work sometimes, Thornton suggests that just being a mum is almost enough of a gift.

She declares that becoming a mother "has been amazing", and says it's "blown my mind and broken my back, it's shattered my sleep and it gives me a reason to smile every day."

She adds: "I'm grateful for him and to him every day - he's the best thing I ever did.

"He's my greatest achievement in life, and it's my honour to be his mum."

Thornton, who currently presents ITV1's Loose Women, insists that Ben says thank you all the time, although he's still a little young, of course, to appreciate all his mum does for him.

She recently split from his dad, DJ Darren Emerson, so her mum buys a Mother's Day present for her on Ben's behalf - although Thornton insists she doesn't expect anything from him, except perhaps a card.

Last year Ben bought her the word Love, made from wood, via his grandma.

The survey found that becoming a mum has made many women more appreciative of what their own mum did, and does, for them. Almost two-thirds of mums said they wish they'd shown more gratitude to their mums when they were growing up, and more than a quarter of those with young children said they thanked their own mothers at least once a week.

"I couldn't live without my mum, she's amazing, and I'll get her whatever she wants for Mother's Day," says Thornton.

"She loves most of the things I love, so I may get her some great books, or a picture of Ben.

"And I'll spend the day with her. That's what my mum loves more than anything - time with her kids."

The research discovered that while half of mums (49pc) are grateful to have a special day dedicated to them, 37pc can take or leave Mother's Day.

"I think there should be a two-week national holiday for mothers - I don't think Mother's Day covers it," laughs Thornton.

"But I do think it's nice that mums, and dads, are acknowledged on a special day.

"It's a day when we should be expected to do very little, for once, and get applauded for what we do on the other 364 days of the year.

"On Mother's Day, mums should pat themselves on the back, put their feet up, and just remember how brilliant they are."

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