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Jack's still the lad as name tops baby list

Most common names in Ireland in 2014
Most common names in Ireland in 2014
Mark O'Regan

Mark O'Regan

Jack continues to be the most popular name for baby boys born in Ireland - for the seventh year in succession.

And for girls, Emily is also holding out as the number one choice - a position it has held since 2011.

Newly released figures from the Central Statistics Office show Jack, James, Daniel, Conor and Sean, have been the top five male names since 2007.

And four of those names - Jack, Sean, Conor and James -have endured at the high end of the popularity stakes since 1998.

Meanwhile, for newly born girls, Sophie, Emma, Grace and Ava, follow behind the popular choice of Emily.

But some old and new favourites have been making the Top 100 list for boys.

Henry, Hugo and Luca, are all popular with the biggest jump of all being made by Ollie.

Annie and Isla were two first-time entrants to the Top 100 for girls. However, a name also rising in the charts is Evie - which jumped 43 places in 2013.

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Overall, parents seem to be more adventurous when deciding what they will call a daughter compared to a son.

In total, 4,586 girls' names were registered which was over 1,000 more than the boys' total of 3,486.

And around the country male names from the favoured five were evenly spread out.

But surprisingly Adam was the most popular boys' name in Cavan in 2014.

Other regional favourites were Michael in Longford, Daniel in Limerick county, while Patrick and Liam, along with Daniel and James, dominated in Galway city. An Ulster liking for Oisin was reflected in Donegal, where James was also popular.

Thomas shared the top position with Jack in South Tipperary, and Noah, Sean and Jack came out tops in Carlow.

Some of the less popular boys' names registered in 2014 were Troy, Avery, Deacon, Braxton, Dexter, Cooper and Ariel.

Girl names outside of the norm which made the list included Amelia, Anna, Aoife, Caoimhe, Ella, Katie, Lily, Lucy, Mia and Sophia.

Also registered in 2014 list were Skylar, Angel, Meadow, Miley, Destiny, Raven and Halle. Sarah was most popular with parents from outside the EU. Liam was the most popular boy's name chosen by parents from the EU, excluding Ireland and the UK.

Meanwhile, Charlie, Daniel, Finn, Jack, Leo, Noah and Thomas were the most popular choice with UK nationals living here. Parents from countries outside the EU whose children were born here chose Muhammed as the most popular name in 2014. There were 67,462 live births registered in 2014. Of these, there were 22,090 unique surnames, including some double-barrelled surnames.

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