Tuesday 20 March 2018

Identifying an eating disorder

Potential eating disorders in your child – some questions to ask yourself: ■ Is your child's behaviour having an impact beyond meal times?

■ Is their behaviour impacting on their personality, or on the rest of their day-to-day life?

■ Does your child see food as a source of energy and nutrition, or is some other value being attached?

■ Does your child react emotionally to meal times? There are a some specific signs to look out for that do not relate directly to food behaviours:

■ Weight loss ■ Evidence of low self-image

■ Pre-occupation with weight and body shape

■ Pre-occupation with food, and in particular with preparing food for others that they themselves won't eat

■ Excessive exercising

■ Withdrawal from regular activities and social situations. If you are noticing some or all of the above signs, your child may have an issue that you will need to talk to them about. Source: 'Eating Disorders – A Resource for Parents'

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