Sunday 25 February 2018

'I have no problem with what they want to play with'

Jody Dillon with daughter Leah
Jody Dillon with daughter Leah

Online retailer Jody Dillon, who runs, admits that pink rules in his house with daughters Leah (eight) and Noemie(four).

"It is undeniable there is a lean towards pinkness with our girls. The three to four age range is all pink. These are just phases and they come out of that at around five years of age.

"It is possible to have gender-neutral parenting. I'm very much of the view that you give them what they ask for.

"I have no problem with what they want to play with but to be completely honest, I don't think I'd say the same thing if my son was playing with Barbie!" he admits.

Jody is opposed to the boy/girl toy segregation in shops.

"I don't like division in shops. Our website is laid out by category. Under role-play we have doll houses, castles, pirates and loads more. We try to be a neutral as possible. Kitchens and doll houses are bought for boys."

He's seen first-hand that boys and girls don't naturally segregate.

"At the Ideal Homes Show we had a stall and set up a kitchen and a train set. It was really interesting to see how boys and girls played. The boys were totally into the kitchen and the girls were into the train track. We ended up with trains in the oven and vegetables on the tracks!"

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