Saturday 16 December 2017

Hot to improve your fertility

Exercise more. Research shows that excess fat inhibits sperm production but steer clear of excessive cycling which has been shown to have a bad effect on sperm.

Ditch the booze. Alcohol has a negative impact on the body's ability to absorb zinc, a vital mineral relating to male fertility.

Smoking and taking recreational drugs can all lower the production of testosterone, needed to make sperm. Steroids fool the body into thinking it has enough testosterone so it stops making its own.

Avoid tight underwear and anything else that raises the temperature of the testicles, such as keeping a laptop on your lap for prolonged periods. Studies show that raising the temperature even slightly can affect sperm production.

Don't eat processed food or take on too much caffeine. "It's simple science," says fertility expert Declan Keane. "What you put into your body is the building blocks for producing sperm."

Lower dairy and meat consumption because of its potential oestrogen content. Buy organic to avoid foods sprayed with pesticides and herbicides which can reduce sperm production.

The jury is still out on the effect of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones but some experts suggest keeping phones away from front pockets as a precaution.

Irish Independent

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