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'Holding your mum's hand while crossing the road is never a good look'

Teen fashionista Poppy Farnan (18) -- who runs her own website LovePoppy.com -- reveals she wants to be just like her 'embarrassing mum'.

"I can completely empathise with Kate Beckinsale's daughter Lily. When you've just started secondary school and are trying to fit in, holding your mum's hand while crossing the road is never a good look!

"Growing up, I was always a bit of a 'mummy's girl' -- I didn't even want to go to sleepovers because I'd miss her too much. However, I've also had my share of 'embarrassing mum' moments over the years.

"For instance, I remember bringing a boy I really fancied home when I was 15. But mum quizzed him so much that he never spoke to me again. And we often squabbled over me going out on school nights.

"Now that I'm a bit older, there are no grudges. From shopping to going to the cinema, we do everything together again.

"Unlike most teenagers, I'm even friends with her on Facebook! At 18, I feel I can relate to mum a lot more than I did a few years ago -- and always turn to her for career and relationship advice.

"Mum and I actually have a lot in common. With any luck, I'll look as good as she does after three kids, too!"

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