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Sunday 21 January 2018

Harper stings queen bee Suri

Sarah Caden

Photographed in a toy shop at the end of last year sobbing her heart out, it's just possible that Suri Cruise had just been told by someone that there's a new glamour girl in town.

For five years now, Suri has been queen bee of the under-10 celebrity style scene but her days may be numbered. Sure, that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has always been competition in the cute stakes, but her tomboy look has always meant that Suri reigns supreme as the grade-A girlie.

There are blogs devoted to her love of high heels and endless online complaints about her refusal to wear a coat whatever the weather. Even her parents are in on it, with Tom Cruise commenting that the child was born with fashion sense and Katie Holmes claiming that she allows her child not only dress herself, but Mommy, too. All of which is either sweet or stomach-churning, and all of which may soon be eclipsed by the clothes and carry-on of Harper Beckham, not even six months old but already a style icon -- in her own mother's mind, anyway, and that's all a baby needs to set her on a Suri-style course in life.

The signs that Harper will be a fashion force to contend with are all there. There's the Chloe tights, the way Posh carries her everywhere showing her off, and the constant distinction made between the Beckhams' three boys and their new little girl. It all speaks of this child having greatness forced upon her from the get go. Scariest of all, Victoria's insistence that her mini-me loves high-end boutiques -- "Mummy, I'm home," was what Harper's body language said to Posh in Prada. Suri's alleged six-figure closet contents suddenly seem like child's play.

Suri might well weep. Still, her reported $13,000 Santa list might soften the blow, and in the name of being nice, she might have included on it some of Shiloh's favourite garments to send to little Harper. There can only be one queen of style, though Victoria Beckham may prove Suri's real challenge in keeping hold of her crown.

Sarah Caden

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