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Happy Halloween from Béaba Babycook

Purée of autumn vegetables

Suitable for eight months and up I small pumpkin slice I leaf Swiss chard 1 small chestnut ( frozen) ½ pear ½ apple 1 red potato 1 green onion ½ lemon I thin drizzle of olive oil 1 pat butter A few grains of fleur de sel ¼ turn of the pepper mill ( white pepper)

Preparation Fill a mixing bowl with water and the juice of the lemon. Wash the Swiss chard and cut the white part away from the green. Peel the white part with a vegetable peeler to remove the stringy fibres. Place it in the lemon water in the mixing bowl. Wash the potato and peel it. Remove the pumpkin rind, seeds and stringy flesh. Remove the green onion's outer layer. Wash the apple and pear, peel them, cut them in half and remove their cores. Wash the chestnut, score its shell so it comes off more easily and cut it in half. Cut the fruits and vegetables into pieces (everything must fit in the steamer basket!). Cook them all for a good 15 minutes (water level 3).

Pour the cooking juices into a bowl. Transfer the contents of the steamer basket to the blending bowl. Pulse twice, adding two tablespoons of cooking juices between pulses to obtain a thin purée. Or pulse only once, and add one tablespoon of cooking juices to obtain a more solid purée.

Spoon onto a plate. Add a pat of butter and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix, taste, and season with some fleur de sel and a tiny bit of white pepper if necessary.

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