Sunday 22 April 2018

Gut reaction

There used to be a time when dinnertime was at 6pm on the dot, and nobody ever went without breakfast. However, new research from Irishhealth. com suggests that we are becoming a nation of ' grazers' and this is having an adverse effect on our digestive health. More than one in three people no longer have regular mealtimes, according to fi gures gathered by the website, and nearly half of those surveyed ( 45pc) report digestive problems.

If you are one of these people, then a new product from Beeline Healthcare may help. Called Beeline Fibe it is a unique food supplement formulation that contains four types of friendly bacteria ( probiotics) and four types of fi bre ( prebiotics), which act symbiotically to enhance the functioning of the digestive tract. By acting symbiotically, the beneficial effects are greater than each acting alone.

Beeline Fibe has been scientifically proven to help optimise the levels of friendly bacteria in the intestine that are vital for good health and vitality. It helps to prevent bloating and heaviness after eating and boosts immunity against infections. For those careful about their skincare routine, the good news is that enhanced assimilation and absorption of nutrients correlates with healthy, glowing skin. New Beeline Fibe is available nationwide in Boots, Tesco, Superquinn and select pharmacies from € 12.99 for 40 capsules.

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