Tuesday 12 December 2017

Going Potty - tips for potty training

Daunted by the thoughts of potty-training your child? Parenting expert and ‘supernanny’ Teresa Boardman gives her tips, plus we have a round-up of great toilet-training products on the market

<p><b>IMSE VIMSE TRAINER PANTS</b></p><p>These reusable trainer pants have the advantage that the child can feel when they are wet, helping them to learn the associuation between the sensation of weeing and wet pants. Starting from €14. See www.hipbaby.ie</p>


These reusable trainer pants have the advantage that the child can feel when they are wet, helping them to learn the associuation between the sensation of weeing and wet pants. Starting from €14. See www.hipbaby.ie


This potty chair is ideal when potty training your toddler, with a higher seating position and back support for comfort. The seat is removable and fits easily to toilet and the potty can also be used as a step stool to help toddlers in the bathroom to reach the sink or toilet. €19.99 from Smyths Toys. See www.toys.ie


Potty training can be fun! Key features of this potty include: ergonomically designed, comfortable seat and squeaky beak to amuse your little one. Potty seat can be covered for safe transportation. Detachable front for easy cleaning. H: 33cm, w: 29cm, d: 40cm. €27 from Littlewoods. See www. littlewoodsireland.ie


Are you toilet-training your child but don't want to give up on swimming? This swim nappy by Splash About is designed with both parents and children in mind. So simple – there are no ties, no Velcro, no elastic – it can be worn with or without a conventional swim nappy, although a liner is advised for ease of cleaning. Tested and improved upon with the leading UK swim teachers, the Happy Nappy is recommend by most UK baby swim schools. £9.75 (sterling) from ERIC www.ericshop.org.uk, e: sales@ eric.org.uk or call (+44) 0117 301 2101


If you are trying to teach your toddler the principles of potty training, these unique drink & wet dolls (Emma & Paul) by Corolle may help. Anatomically correct, when they take a drink from their bottle, they wet the potty, hopefully providing your child with the inspiration to do the same! Suitable for age two plus. Priced at £40 to £42 sterling they are available from www.amazon.co.uk, www.playmerrily.co.uk and www.bambolina.co.uk


Princess Polly's Potty/Pirate Pete's Potty is a his & hers introduction that will help children get to grips with the whole concept of going to the loo on their own. They include lots of child-friendly images and 'rules' to follow - presented in a fun way. Every time your toddler does something right he get to press the button and hear the cheer! For parents, Gina Forde's Potty Training in a Week is still by far the most popular book on the market on this topic. All available from Dubray Books. See www.dubraybooks.ie


Extremely discreet, you simply place the Brolly Sheet on top of the bottom sheet and tuck in the flaps - the waterproof back keeps the mattress dry. When wet it takes just seconds to replace. A 100pc cotton top sheet with an absorbent middle layer backed with 100pc polyurethane. Machine washable. Available in pink, lime green, blue and red. £29.95 (sterling) individually or £50 (sterling) for a twin pack. Available from www.ericshop.org.uk, email sales@eric.org. uk or call (+44) 0117 301 2101


A new ergonomic design gives the BabyBjorn Potty Chair (€30) softer forms and lots of leg room so your child gets closer to the inner potty, while the BabyBjorn Safe Step (€20) allows your child to safely and easily reach things around the house. The step stool's rubber padded legs prevent the stool from sliding on the floor and the rubber matting on top creates a no-slip surface for your child to stand on. Both available from www.tonykealys.com


Kids can go anywhere with My Carry Potty. Ideal for use at home or on your day-today travels, My Carry Potty introduces the most innovative solution to potty training - wherever you are. It is completely leak-proof, odour-free and made from the highest-quality durable plastic. Contains no BPAs, phthalates or PVC. €29.99 from www.bellababy.ie


These training pants are great for parents who care about the environment! The allergy-tested raw material used in the manufacture of Bambo Training Pants contains no PVC, perfumes, moisturising lotions, optical brighteners or chlorine, reducing the likelihood of your toddler having an allergic reaction or nappy rash. €11.99 from www.econatural.ie


When he's not a baby anymore, but not a toddler yet either, what is he? He's a boddler! Pampers Easy Up pants have been specifically designed to meet your little one's requirements at this stage of his development – as they pull on like a pant for the on-the-go changes you want, but also absorb like a Pampers nappy for the dryness he needs. RRP €8.19

Teresa Boardman

Toilet training should only be introduced when your child is ready.

Some of your child’s peers may be already using the toilet, but this process should not be rushed as every child is different. Most toilet training problems are caused by starting too early, unrealistic expectations and incorrect advice.

Ask yourself the following questions:

? Is my toddler emotionally ready for toilet training/potty training?

? Has my toddler got the words to say they need to use the potty or toilet? Do they understand the difference between wet and dirty?

? Are they staying dry for about 2.5 hours in their nappies?

Introduce the potty when your toddler shows an interest in the bathroom, ie when they ask how the toilet fl ushes or they want to wash their hands. A few weeks before starting the training talk to your child, read books about toilet training and get him to sit on the potty or toilet before bath time. Stay positive, be consistent and be patient as there will be accidents. Praise and rewards can help your toddler feel more comfortable learning their new skill.

Other important aspects to take into consideration are:

? Making sure everyone in your child’s life, ie grandparents, staff in the crèche, childminder or nanny are all aware of your child’s new potty/toilet training skills.

? Making a decision early about the products you will use to be successful ie potty/ toilet pants/pull-ups, stickers, charts or a small gift.

? If you are using a potty leave it in one place, do not move it around. Toddlers like privacy just like adults.

? When successful on the potty celebrate with lots of clapping hands and telling your toddler how good they are, going over the top with praise.

Up to the age of 18 months a child has no proper bowel or bladder control. Therefore it is from this age onwards that toilet training should be considered. However from the age of two years onwards is a more realistic time to start.

Most parents prefer to start their toddler on the potty. However, over the years, I have met a number of independent toddlers who wish to use the toilet like adults.

Teresa Boardman can be contacted at www.parentingsolutions.ie

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