Wednesday 25 April 2018

Get creative with your Christening gift

Whether a godparent or third cousin removed, sometimes it’s difficult to choose

Times may have changed but many traditions haven't
Times may have changed but many traditions haven't
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Babies are everywhere lately.

There were five tiny tots christened together at a recent ceremony I attended in Co Meath – the church itself jam packed with relatives looking to share the day with the wrinkly little people.

After my own agonising search for the perfect present, I thought this simple list of the best offerings might be a good idea.

Even if you just came for the sandwiches afterwards.  

Spell it out: This works on so many levels. First off, the parents have spent so long agreeing on a name for their little treasure that they are happy to have that name plastered over everything. Also, the whole education piece is there when the child starts to learn his/her letters. And lastly and most importantly, they great in the nursery. Some options on this are little ABC name frames; adorable ‘put it together’ train sets and pretty much personalised anything else: bathrobes, blankets, socks. A word of warning though – if you are unsure of how the name is spelt, ask!

Looking good: The modus operandi of any new parent is an obsession with capturing just the right photo of the cherub – hair or no hair. As a result, photo frames are in hot demand, regardless of how many people have bought the same thing. Again these can be personalised but there are some fantastic frames that couple as music boxes and soft toys just to mix things up a bit.

Something to remember: Unless you are channelling a bit of Kimye, you may not want to adorn your child with jewellery just yet but the keepsake christening bracelet is a tried and tested winner. These can range from about €40 with extra for engraving up to fairly extortionate prices. Bear in mind, although they look great, they Are a keepsake so don’t remortgage the house. Also, this is usually under the remit of a godparent so if you are a friend of a friend maybe stick with a Benetton bib. 


Get practical: Another excellent idea, this one, but perhaps not as attractive as all of the above. The parents will love you for this so maybe wrap the book in brown paper and a ribbon to jazz up the presentation. Oh – and it can’t come without an initial deposit or (even better) a monthly credit. Otherwise you don’t really deserve to nibble on the chicken wings at the afters.

On the day: Whether the gown worn by the baby has been passed down through the family or is purchased new, it would not be an idea to buy one for the baby unless you have been asked. Or at least don’t expect the child to be wearing it on the day. However, other necessary bits for the ceremony include a white christening blanket, a christening candle and sometimes a christening cup.  Ask well in advance of the day if you want to offer one of these. You will most likely be ‘guided’ towards which one to get.

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