Wednesday 13 December 2017

Frank Skinner: Baby son is a tough audience

Frank Skinner
Frank Skinner

Shereen Low

NEW father Frank Skinner says his baby son is his toughest audience to date.

The stand-up comic and radio presenter, 55, admitted getting a chuckle out of two-month-old Buzz is one of the hardest things he has had to do.

Skinner said he was "loving" being a father and was happy to stay at home because his wild days are long behind him.

He said of entertaining the tot: "One thing to be warned about is that they are an incredibly tough audience.

"I spend half my day pulling faces and singing songs, and getting a laugh out of him is really hard work - it's like doing the Brits," he joked as he attended a creative industries reception in London.

"But when you do get that smile, it really is like the best thing ever."

Skinner's partner, Cath Mason, gave birth on May 26 and he said he is happy to be trying fatherhood for the first time a little later in life.

"I never tried being a young dad, but one good thing about it is that I'm not sitting in the house, thinking 'I wish I could be out clubbing'.

"I'm happy to stay in and at the moment, I'm loving it," Skinner went on.

"He's beautiful and I can't tell you how much I love him. I'm tired-er than I've ever been. It's a different kind of happiness - there's a whole 'Batroom' in your brain full of parental love that you didn't know existed and, I guess, would have remained locked if I hadn't had this baby."

Skinner suggested he would like to have more children: "I'd be happy to have a whole bundle of them but the clock's ticking for me and my partner - but who knows?"

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