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Plum Baby products

Delicious organic babyfood that is responsibly sourced, nutritionally rich and free from additives and unnecessary fillers! The spinach, parsnip and basil recipe is similar to an adult green pesto, while the banana, strawberry and raspberry smoothie is bursting with tangy flavours. Available from www.plum-baby.co.uk, selected lines in Superquinn and SuperValu, as well as at Donnybrook Fair, Fresh Group, Brosnan’s in Schull and also available online at www.absolutelyorganic.ie.

Ella’sKitchen babyfood

Healthy, organic babyfood and kids’ food made from natural ingredients, perfect for weaning babies. 100pc pure and nutritious. In pouches for easy use both at home and when you’re out and about. See www.econatural.ie.

Vital Baby Unbelievabowl

The new Vital Baby Unbelievabowl has been designed to stick to a highchair tray or table top with ultimate, super suction power. A simple four-step process ensures that the Unbelievabowl stays put, meaning that your baby will not be able to remove the bowl or spill the contents, all helping to make meal times less stressful and definitely less messy. The child-proof locking mechanism means that baby cannot unlock the bowl. In terms of its ecological credentials, the Unbelievabowl is made from safe BPA, latex and PVC-free materials and manufactured to conform to EN14372. RRP €6.99, pack of two spare Unbelievabowls to use with Unbelievabowl base €5.49 – available in blue, pink and orange. The Unbelievable Bowl has also been nominated for the presti¬gious Kind Und Jugend Innovation Award 2009. Vital Baby can be found at www.vitalbaby.co.uk/www.vitalbaby.com and www.oceanhealthcare.ie.

Tidy Books bookcase and box

Tidy Books products are now finished in water lacquer, which is kinder to the environment and virtually odour-free. The water lacquer creates a natural finish, allowing the wood grain to be just vis¬ible, and is ideal for children and allergy sufferers. The Blue Tidy Bookcase retails at €139.95 from www.littledreamers.ie and there are more colours available. The Tidy Books Box allows kids to easily see and choose their own books, just like the thinking behind the Tidy Books children’s bookcase.€79.95 from www.littledream¬ers.ie or see www.tidy-books.com.


This fun and educational nightlight is designed to help children sleep easier and also help bring awareness to endangered sea animals. Twilight Sea Turtle’s shell illuminates in three soothing colours while also highlighting five endangered sea friends – the Blue Whale, California Sea Otter, Knysna Seahorse, Leatherback Turtle and Vaquita Dolphin. The Twilight Storybook includes a Twilight Sea Turtle story that teaches children about endangered sea animals, a helpful Star Guide and an adoption certificate. €39.95 from www.littledreamers.ie.

Lanke Kade Letters

Lanke Kade is a Fairtrade company that was set up with the aim of providing an outlet for items pro¬duced by small craft enterprises in Sri Lanka. Most of the packaging materials are made from recyclable material and both products and packaging are PVC-free. Excellent for bedroom doors, drawers, shelves and also an aid for teaching the alphabet. Available from www.littledreamers.ie.