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Expected to be expecting

THIS year, Kate Middleton will take over from Angelina Jolie as the owner of the most closely watched uterus in the world.

Angelina's reproductive equipment has always been a matter of great global interest, she being arguably Hollywood's biggest female mega-star, and the incubator of the progeny of Hollywood's biggest male mega-star. Hence, any new addition to this genetically blessed family tends to be greeted with the same sense of occasion (and press attention) as the Olympics.

But no matter how newsworthy each aesthetically perfect Jolie-Pitt baby might be, they still can't match the headline-pulling power of the prospect of a new heir to the British throne.

It's the well-known curse of newly weds that they've only got about a year of peace a deux after marriage before people start throwing knowing glances and platitudes about tiny feet their way. And in Princess Catherine's case, as the future bearer of blue blood, come next April the pressure will be well and truly on. Having made it safely through the exhausting spectacle that was her wedding without mishap, Kate barely has time to finish writing the thank-you letters and finding a place for all the new silverware, before she will be obliged to get cracking with the pressing business of keeping public morale flying high by producing a child. It's enough to make any woman's ovaries pack up out of sheer stress.

Julia Molony

Sunday Indo Living