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Embarrassing celeb mums

Courteney Cox and daughter Coco Cox Arquette

She's barely eight years old, but celebri-tot Coco has already been left red-faced by her famous mum. The former Friends star (47) explains: "I mentioned that Coco loves Barbies [in an interview] and she got really upset . . . and embarrassed. All of a sudden Barbies were not cool."

Georgia Jagger and mum Jerry Hall

As an embarrassed teen, model Georgia (20) tells how she reversed the roles by banning her mum from wearing miniskirts: "I told her one night that her skirt was too short. She came down the stairs and I was like, 'God, mum, you are 50'."

Diane Keaton and kids Dexter and Duke

She may be an Oscar winner, but single mum Diane mortifies her daughter Dexter (16) and son Duke (11). "I like to take them to school in my bare feet," reveals the 66-year-old actress, leading them to beg, "Can't you be normal, lady?"

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