Thursday 14 December 2017

'Elin starts bopping the minute the music starts'

Kelda and Elin Ward

Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith

KELDA Ward (33) is from Glanmire, Co Cork and is married to Robert Ward. She has three children, Nathan (14), Jessica (25 months), and Elin (nine months). She is a self-employed Montessori teacher at Toddle Inn Montessori Pre-School, Glanmire.

Elin's development: "Elin has taken off with crawling, and has even started pulling herself up into a standing position now, which can be dangerous, as sometimes she uses something that wouldn't be heavy enough to support her, like Jessica's Peppa Pig tea trolley.

"She still isn't inclined to clap her hands and doesn't really like putting them together, so has been referred for some physio for that, but as she is doing everything else I

'm not too worried about it. She got a second tooth this month and has become even more vocal.

It's lovely to hear her laugh or just make little sounds like 'mamama'. She loves music, and bounces like mad when you sing to her."

Schools and education: "As her birthday is in August, we have decided to send Elin to the local school in Glanmire when she is five.

Kelda and Elin
Kelda and Elin

"I'm a firm believer that children shouldn't start school too early, as you would never regret holding them back for a year but could very possibly regret sending them too young. Both myself and Nathan are past pupils of Riverstown NS and I was very happy with the education provided there. Prior to starting primary school, Elin will attend Montessori school for two years, so she will be prepared both socially and academically for what lies ahead."

Classes: "Rob attends 'Waterbabies' with Elin every Sunday morning, where they show you how to teach your child to swim, and make the lesson fun for both parent and child. There is a weekly 'Jo Jingles' class at my Montessori school, where the children take part in a music, singing and movement/dance class for 30 minutes. It's a great hit with the children, and if my two girls are at home with their dad, he brings them down for the class.

"Elin starts bopping the minute the music starts up, and the big smile on her face would melt your heart. Each child in the group also gets to use different instruments during the class, which my girls love."

Advice received: "There is a lot of conflicting advice proffered around motherhood, and while some of it might be useful to you, I think it's important to remember that all babies are different and no one knows your baby as well as you do.

"A mother must learn to trust her own instincts. I found the Facebook group in which we all met very helpful, as we were going through the same things at the same time, and no one was there to judge or pass criticism. We still help each other on the page, and I hope we will all continue to be there for each other going forward."

Worries: "I worry about the economy and how our children will manage in the future. Will there be work in this country for them? I hope so, as I would hate to grow old on the other side of the world from my children. I worry about drugs and alcohol and how they are becoming more readily available and acceptable in our society, but I think all we can do is educate our children on the topic and encourage them to make the right decisions."

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