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1 Birth: Prepare for birth and become educated about natural birth options and their benefits for baby and mother.

2 Breastfeeding/breast milk: A human mother's milk is the optimal food for human babies, and bottle-feeding should mimic as many aspects of breastfeeding as possible.

3 Be sensitive: Respond sensitively to your children.

4 Bonding through touch: Use physical contact such as baby wearing, breastfeeding, and massage to convey a sense of tenderness, love, and affection.

5 Bedding: Parent your children at night as well as in the day, looking to safe co-sleeping as an option.

6 Be there: Ensure consistent parenting by a primary caregiver or a trained and sensitive substitute.

7 Be gentle: Use positive discipline, forgoing corporal punishment.

8 Balance: Balance your needs with the needs of your child.

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