Thursday 23 November 2017

Drug- free birthing techniques

Many women find that alternative ways of coping with the pains of contractions can really help.

There are a number of techniques that help women, including: Breathing: the aim is to relax as much as possible. Open your eyes and focus on something in the room; breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth Relaxation: consciously relaxing different parts of your body such as your face and hands during contractions can stop you tensing up Meditation: if you have practised before labour this technique could help to distract you from the pain Massage: a rub on a sore back during labour can be a great help Moving around: keeping mobile can take pressure off your back and let's gravity help your baby's journey down the birth canal Water: it supports your bump and takes the pressure off during contractions Your voice: groaning, chanting or singing can actually help you cope with pain. Shouting positive things like 'yes!' after a contraction can also send a powerful message to the brain that you are in control.

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