Monday 25 March 2019

Don't believe myths about infertility

Rumours and myths about the causes of infertility abound, including the long-held beliefs that men who wear tight underwear or frequently ride bikes are more likely to be infertile.

"If this was the case, skinny jeans and cycling would be banned for all married men," said Declan Keane, a senior embryologist and director of ReproMed fertility clinic in Dublin.

He advised: "Like with many medical issues, there is a lot of inaccurate information about fertility out there. Seeking advice is always the best option as each individual case is different."

Here are the top fertility myths:

* Infertility runs in the family:

A family history of good fertility in your parents, brothers and sisters has no bearing on your individual fertility potential, so don't use that as an indicator for your fertility.

* Sexual Position:

Unfortunately, mixing it up in the bedroom doesn't increase your chances of conceiving! Nor does it influence the sex of the baby.

* Having a monthly period means you're fertile:

Problems in the uterus or fallopian tubes can sometimes only come to light when you receive fertility diagnostics.

* Age:

Unfortunately, as time moves on, so do our bodies. Women are particularly vulnerable when it comes to age and fertility as their egg count will deplete the older they get and eventually they will experience menopause.

Men, however, can remain fertile long after their 40s.

* Having Intercourse when ovulating:

Although women are at their most fertile during ovulation, rushing home from work to have sex on certain days turns it into a chore.

Timing to a date or day in your cycle can actually decrease pregnancy rates because stress is induced, which can stop ovulation.

* Caffeine:

Caffeine doesn't directly affect fertility rates, but a balanced, nutritional diet can definitely boost it.

Dr Keane added: "Dr Google and chat rooms are the main source of these myths and should be avoided. People these days are too quick to self-diagnose, which can prolong the process if they are not seeking the right advice."

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