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Do you recognise any of The Hive mothers?

Bea: Popular, competitive, well groomed and adept at sport, lunches and manipulating the lackeys she ropes on to fund-raising committees. Once her worker bees feel welcome in her nest, she may entertain herself by turning them into social outcasts.

Rachel: As Bea's former sidekick, Rachel observes the group's dynamics with amusement. A writer and illustrator of children's books, she obsesses about her friendship with Bea after being dumped by her husband.

Heather: Dowdy until she gets a makeover by Bea. Constantly strives to be more popular and yearns to belong to the hive. Picks up and feeds Bea's children and panders to her every need.

Georgie: A slovenly but happy earth-mother type who has given up a career as a lawyer for boisterous family life, an untidy home and a farmer husband she adores.

Bubba: Bea's main threat. A rich, alpha female on a career break who is eager to apply her marketing skills to school committees.

Melissa: Cool, self-contained and seemingly couldn't care less about anything.

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