Monday 19 February 2018

Diary of a working mum: That dreaded call from the creche

Yvonne Hogan:
Yvonne Hogan: "Sometimes being a working mum is crap."

Yvonne Hogan

The phone rings. You see the creche’s number come up and your heart stops. You answer the phone and they tell you that the baby has a temperature and isn’t themselves.

As soon as you ascertain that it isn’t anything serious, you start to relax. You tell them that you will get there as soon as you can. Which, depending on your job or what day of the week it is, can sometimes take hours. They say no problem and tell you not to worry.

That’s when the annoyance sets in. ‘The baby is fine’ you tell yourself. ‘Why did they ring me? He/she just has a bit of a cold/is teething. I am at work. If I was able to come and go willy nilly I wouldn’t need a creche.’

But you are not really annoyed with the creche. The creche rang because it is their job to let you know how your baby is. The creche didn’t tell you that you needed to drop everything and run to collect the baby.

You are annoyed with yourself.

You are annoyed because even though it’s most likely that nobody would even bat an eyelid if you got your bag and left as long as your work was done, you feel you can’t let the side down. You can’t reinforce the myth that working mothers aren’t as effective because their children get sick all the time. 

You are annoyed because you know that the baby would much rather be at home getting snuggles and sleeping in their own bed, but you have to save the ‘leaving the office because the baby is sick’ card in case, God forbid, the baby is really too sick to be in the creche in the near future.

You are annoyed because the thought of your baby being unwell while you have to be somewhere else just goes against every instinct you have, but you just have to get on with it.

Sometimes being a working mum is crap. 

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