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Dad hailed a hero after he delivers baby son - and saves his life


Gareth Lynch with Abbie, Nathan and baby Kyle

Gareth Lynch with Abbie, Nathan and baby Kyle

Nathan and Abbie Lynch with their baby brother Kyle

Nathan and Abbie Lynch with their baby brother Kyle


Gareth Lynch with Abbie, Nathan and baby Kyle

DRIVER Gareth Lynch made the most important delivery of his life when he helped his partner give birth outside a scrapyard.

He was hailed as a hero for his rapid response after Aimee Mannering gave birth to their third child in the back seat of the family car.

The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby boy’s neck when he was born and delivery driver Mr Lynch acted fast to ensure the cord was removed from the infant’s neck.

“Once you see the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck, it’s like life or death. You just get stuck in,” said the proud father.

He told the Ray D’Arcy on Today FM how he and Aimee hurriedly left their home in Ratoath in Co Meath on Monday to get to Drogheda Hospital after his partner went into labour.

As they rushed along the road, Ms Mannering began to scream.

Mr Lynch, a delivery driver by trade, had been speaking by telephone to midwives at Drogheda Hospital and they had urged him to ‘keep going’ to the hospital.

But when the turned to look at his partner, he saw the baby’s head emerging. He pulled into the side of the road outside a scrapyard in Duleek and he put the midwives on the phone’s loudspeaker.

He told Ray: “I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Aimee was screaming her head off.

“The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. With my fingers, I kept the umbilical cord away from his neck, freed him and got the umbilical cord over his head.

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“I grabbed the towel out of the gymbag and put it around him and put the phone back up to my ear to talk to the midwives and they said ‘well done, just keep him warm’.

“He was very small and my hands were around his shoulders, underneath his armpits and with my thumb I was keeping the umbilical cord and eased it over his head as he was coming out at the same time. I twisted him around and put him into my arms. He was still attached to Aimee.

“I was in shock. It all happened so quick. From the time I stopped and saw the baby’s head to the time the baby was born it was only a minute.”

Mr Lynch said it was 15 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

“We didn’t pick a name until about six hours later in the hospital. We call him Kyle,” he said.

He said his partner was “grand” after her experience. The baby was a healthy 7lbs 3ozs and is little brother for Nathan (10) and Abbie (4).

Overall, he said his feeling when recalling the incident was : “Shock. Big time.”

When asked about his occupation, he replied: “I’m a delivery driver. I deliver babies now.”

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