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Cosy accessories

Now that you have a top-class family car you will want your interior accessories to match that standard.

Ruby and Ginger’s Cosy Car Seat Cover will fit the bill during these chilly months. It rests on the frame of the car seat, creat¬ing a warm snug environment without bundling your baby up. keeps your little one warm and protected from wind and other elements whilst also providing protection for the head and face. It also creates a nap-time environment while out and about.

The Cosy Car Seat Cover’s elasticated fitting allows it to slip easily on and off the car seat without disturbing your baby. Fitting all standard infant car seats, the design also ensures your baby’s safety harnesses can be tightened correctly and that you can always have a secure grip on the handle. The Vwindow allows you to see your baby easily. With a 100pc hand-printed cotton outer and 100pc undyed unbleached cotton lining, the RRP is €30. For more information visit www.rubyandginger.co.uk.