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Coping with colic


All babies cry but if your baby cries for hours on end, especially after feeding, then colic may be to blame.

In his book When Your Child is Sick – What you can do to help, Prof Alf Nicholson, a consultant paediatrician and RCSI professor of Paediatrics at Children's University Hospital, Temple Street, says although diagnosing colic is never quick, the ' Wessel Rule of Threes' is the system traditionally used by doctors.

"If your baby cries for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three weeks, then she has colic," he explains, although he adds that if your baby is screaming hard and has a temperature or other symptoms, then a serious bacterial infection, such as meningitis, must first be ruled out.

Though many studies have been done on colic, as yet no one has shown a single cause or a single cure for it, explains Nicholson.

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