Friday 19 January 2018

Christmas dinner for baby

Christmas dinner for baby can be put together quite easily from your meal, which is traditionally full of healthy veggies, but exactly what you give your baby depends, of course, on her age and stage of development.

Remember your baby should be at least six months of age before you introduce her to solid foods, unless your doctor has recommended starting earlier.

And, even though it's Christmas and you're anxious to include your baby at the Christmas meal, you should still introduce new foods separately and with the consent of his doctor. This is to prevent and identify food allergies and digestive problems.

Christmas dinner recipe

Turkey can be given to your baby from seven months of age.

Here's a simple Christmas baby food recipe using turkey – remember to cook your baby's veggies without salt.

- 1 large turkey slice

- 1 cooked potato

- 1 medium cooked carrot

- 2 cooked broccoli florets

Blend the turkey in a food processor with water or homemade stock until fairly thin.

Then add the potato ( which will thicken the mixture) and the remaining veggies and puree to the desired consistency.

Older babies, already comfortable with finger foods, can be given this meal cut up into bite- sized pieces.

Source: babys-first-foods.html

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