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Choosing a buggy with ‘Verve’



Phil & Teds have built up a reputation with their adaptable inline strollers which can be used in seven different combinations of one or two kids, making them very popular amongst the 78pc of Irish families who have two kids under the age of three at some stage in the family life cycle.

Known for all-terrain/three-wheel buggies, the Verve takes the Phil & Teds in-line stroller concept into new territory with a model that has super-smooth lightweight handling combined with an extremely compact, easy fold, making it ideal for urban mums who need to transport two little ones around from the grocery store, to the gym, to daycare, to the park and on and on.

The Verve has got oodles of new features but the first thing you will notice is its four wheels. The dual front wheels lend more stability going up and down curbs, manoeuvering around tight spaces and, with built-in suspension on foam-filled wheels, you will be guaranteed a smooth ride.

Like all Phil & Teds inline buggies, the Verve can be used a single or a double stroller, but unique to the Verve is a three-position recline option on the second seat. When in the rear position, the second seat can be reclined to a maximum of 34', which means it can be used for a baby aged three to four months up to three years/15kg. This is a great advantage for parents looking for a comfortable seat for a small toddler to nap in when out and about.

Most impressively, the fold on the Verve is really easy. Even when in use as a double stroller, the buggy can be folded with the double kit still in place. The fold is so compact that the Verve can fit comfortably into the boot of a compact car – even a Mini Cooper.

If you are a first-time parent, like many people nowadays, you want to make sure your first stroller is a good investment and will last the test of time. The Verve represents a really savvy choice for those planning ahead. As a single stroller it looks really sleek. The parent-facing Peanut carrycot (now certified for overnight sleeping), can be used with a car seat and, of course, can be upgraded to a double at any stage, if, or when, No 2 comes along.

For those of you looking for a double stroller you may think you have to sacrifice style for practicality but we really love the sleek lines of the Verve and at a price of €850 for a double, we think it makes an ass of some of the other outrageously priced double options currently on offer!

So don’t change your car, change your expectations and take a look at the new Phil & Teds Verve. Available now from the following specialist nursery stores:

- Kool Kidz, Sligo (www.babyaccessories.ie)

- Bella Baby, Oranmore, Co Galway (www.bellababy.ie)

- Bella Baby, Dundrum, D14

- Tony Kealys, Walkinstown D12

- Tony Kealys, Coolock, D17

- Tony Kealys, Cork (www.tonykealys.com)

- Murphys Prams & Nursery, Rathcoole, Co Kildare (www.murphysprams.ie)

- Little People, Ballyogan Road, D18 (www.littlepeople.ie)

For full stockist details, please go to www.cleverclogs.ie