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Breast interests at heart for mothers

CLOSE to 100 mothers breastfed their children simultaneously at a shopping centre over the weekend in a bid to create a supportive atmosphere for breastfeeding mothers in this country.

Mothers travelled to Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork from all over the country to take part in the 2010 Quintessential Breastfeeding Challenge on Saturday morning.

The group of 97 fell far short of the current record of 850, set in Canada nine years ago.

However, organiser Maria Moulton declared herself happy with the turnout. "We more then surpassed our goals," she said. "To put it in perspective, last year in Ireland, around 75,000 babies were born. Of these, 41,250 were latched on after birth, 21,000 were still nursing at four months and 938 were still being exclusively breastfed at six months.

"To get 97 breastfeeding mothers and their children to simultaneously nurse in a shopping centre in Cork city with 10 days' notice is nothing short of amazing."

Organisers say the event wasn't about "bottle bashing" or about berating non-nursing mothers for the choices that they've made, but instead about showing that nursing is normal.

The attempt was part of National Breastfeeding Week, which got under way last Friday.

Irish Independent