Sunday 19 January 2020

Blooming Imelda reporters

ROCKABILLY star Imelda May was blooming on stage in Monte Carlo at the weekend.

The Dublin singer, who is expecting a baby in August with her musician husband Darrel Hingham, showed off her baby bump in a skin tight leopard print dress at the Swinging London Monaco Rose Ball.

Just last month she revealed her great expectation and said: "I'm very happy, healthy and feeling great. I'm just over three months pregnant now and am enjoying every second. Darrel and I are over the moon!"

May and Higham are currently writing new material and will go back on tour in April.

They are due to play the Marquee in Cork on June 9.

Busy Imelda, 37, hooked up with veteran folkies The Chieftains to perform on their 50th birthday album.

The Liberties belle joined other slightly offbeat new generation artists including The Low Anthem, Lisa Hannigan, Bon Iver and The Secret Sisters.

Imelda revealed: "I got a call from Paddy Moloney asking 'Do you want to sing a song on The Chieftains' 50th anniversary album?' The answer was a shrieked 'Yes'! Then he asked me if I wanted to play bodhran on it too, which I wasn't sure about as they are the best traditional players in the world.

"But I gave it a lash and it turned out okay. I roped the lads from my band in as well, so you have the double bass and the guitars duelling with the fiddles and the tin whistles. I think it's great that The Chieftains have been around since 1962 and are still interested in experimenting with new artists like myself."

In the past The Chieftains have collaborated with more seasoned artists, including The Rolling Stones, Sinead O'Connor, Nancy Griffith, John Hiatt, Alison Krauss, Ry Cooder and Herbie Hancock.

The six-time Grammy winning CHieftans will return to Ireland to play Dublin's Grand Canal Theatre on May 29, before embarking on a lengthy UK tour.

Group leader Paddy Moloney stated: "I can think of nothing more exciting than to spend another 50 years collaborating with the best voices of the future."

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