Monday 18 December 2017

Beckham boys feeling left out of Posh's team

Sarah Caden

It's never easy when mummy brings home a new baby, whose ability to absorb time and attention is disproportionate to their size. It's a shock to any child to gain a sibling and then, when that sibling seems to be what your mummy always wanted, well, that's a real stinker.

All you can hope for the Beckham boys -- and that's what they'll be now, "the boys and baby Harper" -- is that they have each other for support. Or that they decide to develop their baby sister's alleged passion for Prada and all things pretty; otherwise they're unlikely to get Posh's attention for a while yet.

Last week, Victoria Beckham took four-month-old Harper shopping in New York. Mummy tottered in impossibly high platform stilettos, with Harper on her hip, as she almost always is, as if she cannot be put down for fear she might evaporate and leave Posh in a boys-only football-mad house again. The pair visited the famous toy shop, FAO Schwartz, from where Posh tweeted that Harper -- who was wearing Chloe tights, the brand name emblazoned on the ankle -- loved the baby dolls. She's four months old. Any fascination was more likely a fear that one of them might be coming home and competing with her.

Nor was this the first time Posh has ascribed more mature emotions to Harper, her little girl who follows three sons. Apparently, when only two months old, Harper "loved it" when she made her inaugural visit to Prada with Posh, who tweeted the news and didn't seem to be joking entirely. "It was as if she was saying, 'Mummy, I'm home,'" apparently, while Posh also admitted that she had barely put the baby down since her birth. Nor has she since, it would seem. Wherever Posh goes, Harper is on the hip, and every outing seems to serve to cement her status as mummy's mini-me. If the boys are feeling left out, they should know that the ultimate revenge would be to seduce their sister with soccer. That would level the playing field once more.

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