Saturday 25 November 2017

Baby girl is "heaviest ever born in UK" at 12lb 12oz

Stock photo: Getty Images
Stock photo: Getty Images

Victoria Ward

A BABY girl who tipped the scales at 12lbs 12oz is thought to be the heaviest girl ever born in the UK.

Suzie Gzowski was born with two teeth and is already wearing clothes for babies aged six months, despite being just three weeks old.

Her mother Gemma Tevendale, 26, gave birth naturally in just 44 minutes and did not need stitches.

She told The Sun that she thought eating a lot of fish during pregnancy might have plumped up her newborn.

"I do like my fish four times a week," she said. "I hadn't gone overboard with it, although I probably had more than I should — usually tuna and smoked salmon.

"They'd said she was going to be big, between 10 to 11 pounds. But when they saw she was 12lbs 12oz they thought the scales had broken."

Suzie was almost double the weight of the average newborn. Although breast fed, she also has bottles because she is so hungry.

Miss Tevendale. from Swindon, Wilts, said both of her older children had been unusually heavy at birth, with son Vincent, now six, weighing in a 10lb 10oz and daughter Violet four, at 11lb 2oz.

But she disclosed that both she and Suzie's father, James Gzowski, 25, were average size at birth.

The heaviest baby girl born in the UK before Suzie was 12lbs 9oz and was delivered by C-section last September.

The heaviest newborn boy was Guy Warwick Carr, delivered in Cumbria in 1992 and weighing in at 15lbs 8oz.

The heaviest baby ever born to a healthy mother is said to be a boy weighing 22lbs 8oz, in Aversa, Italy in September, 1955.

Recently, a woman in Indonesia gave birth to a baby weighing 19.2 pounds.

Despite the baby's size, he is not the largest baby ever born. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's heaviest baby was born to Anna Bates of Canada in 1879.

The baby weighed 23.12 lbs and died eleven hours after birth.

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