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And two pints for the baby

ll We are always happy to provide tips for new mothers.

A new book How to Crack an Egg with One Hand by Francesca Beauman collects some unorthodox words of wisdom for parents.

In 1861, Mrs Beeton issued instructions that breastfeeding mums should knock back two pints of stout a day.

William Cobbette suggested that parents should sing loudly while they give their infants an ice cold bath for an hour every day.

Others might prefer the approach of the renowned philosopher John Locke. He said it was possible to increase the strength of a newborn by holding slices of steak next to its bottom and pouring wine over its head.

ll An inspiring painting made from cow dung went on display in a gallery in Ardfert, Co Kerry.

Artist Angie Plastow told The Kerryman her work, 'Effluence', was inspired by changing patterns in manure over the seasons.

The painter said a woman was set to buy the art work recently but her husband told her: "You must be joking me if you think I'm paying €500 to hang a pile of cow shit on my wall."

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