Tuesday 24 April 2018

Anabel Karmel's tips for starting weaning

Make sure your baby is ready. Pushing a young, reluctant baby will make the start of the weaning process upsetting for you both. Note: signs of readiness include being hungrier than usual, attempting to put things into her mouth; making chewing motions; chewing on her fingers or fists

Babies sometimes find the process a little clinical and become upset when mealtimes no longer involve the comfort of sucking milk. When offering your baby her very first taste or two you may find it easier to hold her on your lap, as this will help her feel loved and secure

When babies feed from the breast or a bottle they instinctively push their tongue forwards. Now your baby needs to learn to keep her tongue at the back of her mouth. If she can't get on with a spoon, try dipping a clean finger in the purée and let her suck your finger for the first few mouthfuls

Laugh, smile, sing and taste your baby's food at mealtimes – she'll want to join in the fun by copying you and eating it herself Avoid feeding your baby when she's tired, irritable or very hungry. At these times she'll want only one thing – milk

Don't get too hung up on portion sizes or nutrients. If the food is wholesome and fresh and she's taking a little, you've done well Try not to compare your baby with others. All babies develop at their own speed and take to different foods at different stages. It is no reflection of their intelligence or abilities.

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