Friday 15 December 2017

A piece of cake

If Flora Buttery's new online guide to family baking doesn't get you and your brood cracking eggs, nothing will

BAKING is the ideal way for parents to spend quality and productive time with their children. You can foster both a love and a useful skill by spending time with them when they are young. And if you can barely crack an egg yourself, it can equally be a great way for you to develop your own skills.

The aim is to have fun, so there are certain rules that parents (yes parents) should follow when it comes to baking. Rule number one: let them make a mess. Yes, baking is a messy business, so don't fret if flour goes all over the place, you can always clean it up.

Rule number two: don't take over. The temptation to take over all baking duties can be sometimes overwhelming, and all of a sudden you find you're left holding the spoon, while your toddler or child has gone off to entertain themselves elsewhere. This is because you kind of excluded them. Let them get involved, allow them to crack an egg, pour flour into the bowl or stir the mix. Give them tasks all along the way.

Rule number three: don't get narky. Speaking from personal experience here, some parents get annoyed when baking with their children. Check your behaviour, take a deep breath and remember the aim of the exercise.

Rule number four: get them to help clean up. This is something you should start from a young age. Include cleaning up in the activity. Get them to help you stack the dishwasher or wash the bowls. Make it fun, to avoid arguments as they get older.

Rule number five: make it easy. You're not entering the Great Irish Bake Off here, so keep recipes simple and fun.

Flora Buttery has just launched an online Family Fun Guide packed full of easy, tasty and kid-friendly baking recipes, as well as art and craft ideas and games.

Recipes in the guide include: lemon and sugar pancakes, lemon butterfly cakes, crunchy peanut cupcakes, banana cupcakes and easy chocolate brownie cupcakes.

Check them out at

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