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Your path to Life Science jobs

DPS Education & Training will be delivering a unique interactive e-learning based programme to unemployed groups under Springboard to reskill people to re-enter employment in the Life Sciences manufacturing industry -- Pharmaceuticals, BioPharmaceuticals, Food Nutritionals and Medical Devices.

The programme is designed to reskill those with a technical background and previous jobs experience in parts of the economy where employment levels are unlikely to recover to pre-recession levels.

No prior experience in Life Sciences manufacturing is necessary for people from traditional industries to cross over and find new careers in the sector, which is a large and growing hi-tech manufacturing environment, where skill shortages currently exist.

DPS and its academic partner, the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), have delivered programmes in Ireland and Singapore, two of the global centres of excellence in Life Sciences manufacturing.

They have a long track record in both upskilling people within this industry and reskilling people to enter it -- 75pc of their trainees in Singapore have found new jobs after completing their programme and they are looking to repeat this success here with Springboard.

On this innovative e-(Bio)PharmaChem programme, trainees will learn about Product Quality, Patient Safety and Data Integrity -- or in other words how this highly regulated manufacturing industry ensures that when you go to the doctor's surgery with your sick child, you can be confident that the injection the doctor gives will cure and not harm.

Trainees will learn about the manufacturing technologies used in this industry, the rules that govern it and the guidelines as to how these rules are applied.

As the programme is delivered in an interactive e-learning format with support tutors and live webinars, it is both location and time independent for all course participants across the country.

Groups on this six-month part-time programme will be able to apply for new jobs during the course, as its e-learning format is flexible. It allows them to complete a course even after securing a new job.

Openings currently exist in all Life Sciences manufacturing industries and as a high-growth area these skill shortages will not be quickly filled -- and so the outlook for employment and long-term careers is very positive.

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DPS have always ensured that employment prospects are maximised for those who participate in their programmes and there has been a 75pc success rate for groups securing new jobs upon completion of their programmes.

So this programme has changed many lives and has led to lots of success stories -- including the carpenter in Ireland who moved from the construction industry to work in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing and graduated in October 2010 with a BSc (Ordinary) degree from DIT.

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