Sunday 22 April 2018

Webworld: Miracle needed in maths as another student draws on knowledge of zebras

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Maths paper 2 was tricky, but, to be honest, no test could have been as hard as Maths paper 1. -- Luke

Irish paper 1 up next in the LC. I plan on making up a few words so this should be interesting. -- Meadhbh

HL maths paper 2 was tricky, not a shock like paper 1, but I still need a miracle. -- Bethany

I'm still alive after Irish paper 1! At least I got to write my awesome economy essay and the tape wasn't too bad either! -- Keira

I drew a zebra for my poster for CSPE. 'Cause I'm cool like that. -- Fionnuala

Maths paper 2 made up for the paper 1 disaster. Think I may just limp over the pass line. And Irish paper 1 was insultingly easy. -- Shane

If anyone was to read my sceal in Irish paper 1, they would definitely think I was on drugs lol -- Sophie

I got 2 hours sleep last night, woke up to maths paper 2 (which was okay) then on to Irish paper 1 (which was pretty easy actually). Hopefully will be sleeping tonight! -- Padraig

Might just not look at Irish tonight. All it will do is stress me out. Might just study my art essays :) -- Cormac


Just out of Irish, was such a breeze compared to maths this morning! -- Conor

CSPE was easy, went a bit outside the lines on my poster though. Think they might still give me a B despite mis-colouring a bit? -- Nimrod

Essays in Irish paper 1 were fine, but comprehensions were really difficult. Aural must have been the hardest for years! -- Mty92

(Compiled by Jade Nolan)

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