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Webworld: Merci-ful French paper, divine inspiration for biology and the rest is history . . .


Celebrating an astoundingly kind French paper with cookies -- Pat Murphy

That French paper was beautiful! Nice of our teacher to show up to give us encouragement. She was delighted with the paper too! -- Karen

Think I might wear my Beatles t-shirt to biology tomorrow for divine inspiration.. 'Help, I need somebody!' -- Sarah

French didn't go as well as I thought! It wasn't the worst exam though -- thumbelinaxo

Just finished history and my hand is about to fall off. What a nice exam it was though! Loved it! -- Gillian

Why couldn't all the warring countries just hug and make up? Then my history book would be a lot shorter. -- Rena

Finally finished the Leaving Cert! Best day ever! -- Laura


Couldn't stay in history any longer. I've always been an A history student but I'll be lucky if I pass that. My other results mean nothing to me now, I won't get the course I want unless it drops by 100 points. -- NJD2010


French listening was a brute of an exam, I thought it was going to be easy but it turned out to be worse than Irish. Think I passed it though, the paper was great! -- Ciara

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